Thinkbox TV Planning Awards 2020

Due to the current disruption and ongoing situation, we understand things are perhaps taking a bit longer than usual. So, your cries for more time have not fallen on deaf ears.

We will now be giving you an extended final deadline:

The Thinkbox TV Planning Awards are about celebrating brilliantly effective uses of TV and recognising the people behind them. Brilliant planning - that delivers brand and business benefits - lies at the heart of all successful advertising. These awards are about finding and recognising the most innovative and successful TV activity, whether as part of a cross-media advertising campaign or simply shining on its own.

Here you can find out about this year’s awards categories, view the judging criteria, feel inspired by past winners and find out everything you need to know in order to create your winning entry.

The shortlist will be announced in early May and the award ceremony itself will take place in July.

All entries must be submitted online via this portal. To submit an entry, you must be a registered user.
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