How to enter

CREATE AN ACCOUNT: Complete the registration form, making sure you fill in all the essential information. Registering is quick and easy.

CREATE YOUR ENTRY: Select which category you wish to enter and then complete the form. You can save your entry as a draft and keep coming back until you’re ready to submit it. You can copy your draft entry if you want to submit in one than more category. Please include names of any other contributing agencies (e.g. creative, PR) where relevant.

JUDGING CRITERIA: Each entry must cover off all areas as specified in the judging criteria , including background & objectives, the solution, the plan, the results and client involvement. However, please structure your paper as you wish. Please note that Best Ongoing use of TV has separate criteria.

UPLOAD YOUR ENTRY: The main part of your entry should be uploaded as a PDF. No entry should exceed 2,000 words (except those entering for Best Ongoing use of TV who have a word limit of 2,500). Many winning papers have been very concise but still told a powerful story. You must state your word count on your front page.

UPLOAD LOGOS: Please provide high-res transparent PNG logos. A minimum of two will need to be uploaded to cover the Agency and the Client logo.

UPLOAD IMAGES: Each entry should be accompanied by a minimum of three high-res images. These might be campaign stills, examples of other media used or other amplification activity; whatever helps visually tell the story of your entry.

UPLOAD VIDEO: Each entry should be accompanied by a minimum of one video asset. This should be the TV ads or content in question and should be high quality.

SUBMIT YOUR ENTRY: You can come back to edit your entry and upload supporting media at any time before the closing date.

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Deadline: Friday 22nd March 2019, 4pm – entries close


1)    Answer the brief
You should clearly state what your objectives were and how they were met. Make your point, show us the proof of how effective it was, and explain how this was executed.

2)    Explain your decisions
Full explanations of why and how key decisions were made in the planning of your campaign will help judges to understand how conclusions and results were reached. 

3)    Get the client on board
A client comment can add weight to your argument and marks to your entry. You can utilise your client’s knowledge on certain aspects, such as calculating and validating payback.

4)    Choose your category wisely
There may be more than one category which seems relevant to your campaign, so make sure you focus on what you are most proud of. Feel free to enter multiple categories with the same campaign if you wish, but please remember to do a little redrafting to ensure your entry is category specific each time.

5)    Tell us a story
Develop a sense of narrative. Use clear and concise language that is easy to understand and engaging for the reader.

6)    Be truthful
Stick to the facts.

7)    Proof-read your entry
Consistent mistakes will undermine the quality of your paper.  A fresh eye will be able to ensure the copy flows well, correct any potential grammatical errors and spot anything that seems unclear or superfluous.

8)   Do not exceed the word count
It’s there for a reason. 

9)    Use visuals
Featuring images and charts within your entry can help to enhance your paper and aid understanding.

10)  Meet the deadline
Give yourself plenty of time to do justice to your work and to complete your entry by the given deadline.